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Our process is broken down into six phases: pre-design, schematic design, design development, construction documents, building permits, and construction. Having these phases helps put realistic project deliverables and deadlines in place.


This initial phase is a time to conduct project specific research and collect information from the client. Some things we must know are local zoning and land-use restrictions, project scope, client desires, budget, size of building, number of storeys, room requirements, surrounding buildings, neighborhood, site conditions, and building codes.  


Schematic Design

After the above information is collected, we can brainstorm, sketch, and develop some design ideas. This is where a lot of time is spent proposing ideas, collecting client feedback and making changes. This process of meeting and revising will continue until the design is agreed upon by all parties. Most of these meetings can typically occur online.


Design Development

Now that the client is happy with the design, it’s time to create a more detailed plan. Those details include the placement of doors and windows and any adjustments to the building form.
The exterior and interior design are then presented to the client and discussed. There will be more back and forth with the client at this stage.

At the end of this stage, the building’s exterior, layouts, and dimensions should be finalized.

At this stage, I recommend engaging a structural engineer to join the design team. A structural engineer can provide valuable advice on foundation design, and structural framing.


Construction Documents

Now we moves into the final details. The construction drawings should have all the details and dimensions of the design for the builder to use when it comes time for construction. Once construction drawings are completed and final approval is received from the client, we can move onto the permitting process.  


Building Permits

We are ready to submit our building permit application!
With my assistance the client is ready to applying for their building permits. Alternatively your Contractor can apply for the building permit on your behalf. The permitting office will review all drawings and permit application documents to ensure the project follows all local zoning laws and building codes.
Timeline for the permitting process can vary. Smaller construction projects might only take a couple of days/weeks. But larger, more complex projects may take longer, sometimes taking months.

I always recommend applying for your permit well in advance of when you plan to start construction.



You have received your building permits and you are ready to start construction.

At this point the completed drawings are handed over to the Owner/ Contractor. This is where I step aside and let the Owner/ Contractor take charge of the project. This phase will last as long as it takes to complete the construction. This is also the stage where the structural engineer may get more involved with site visits and reports.

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